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Different Types of Extension Options to Explore

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Single-story House Extension

It is one of the most popular house extension type. Mostly seen as kitchen extension on older properties. It is built onto a part of a house which consists of only one level and is added to the side or rear of the home or property. It is the perfect solution to add value to your property, and expand the size of your property, be it a playroom, kitchen or office.

Double-story Extension

If you want to add more than one room to your property, a double-storey extension is the right option as it will create more space in your home. Especially if you have a spacious garden, you can create a new kitchen, add an extra bathroom or even a bedroom. Although a lot of space and value is added to your property, there are a few problems that can occur, such as planning permission is needed.
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Wrap-around Extension

It is a type of extension created by combining a rear extension and a side extension, creating an L shape wrap-around extension. It involves building the side wall closer to the neighbour’s building border and moving the property’s rear wall into the garden. To create a spacious and luminous living area, you can also select an open plan wrap-around extension. They are the ideal choice for detached homes and properties with alley space.

Sunroom Extension

Installing a sunroom is an exciting and joyful process full of opportunities to create a customised living place for you and your closed ones. Sunroom extension’s key purpose is to get as much sunlight as possible. It can be connected to the house for central heating, meaning you can keep the room heated in bitter winters. Depending on how much you can pay, sunroom extensions can be built according to your needs, style and requirements.

Over-structure Extension

It is a type of extension which is carried out over an existing structure which could be a kitchen, living room, dining room or garage. This extension has great benefits if built on top of a garage. Moreover, some older garages have a single brick wall unable to carry the load of another building. If that is the case, you will need extra structural work to strengthen the original wall structure.

Dormer Extension

If your attic is full of junk and clutter that you do not need anymore, then a dormer conversion is a great option to consider. It involves extending a boxed-shaped structure to a pitched roof. It opens outwards and upwards to provide extra floor and headspace. This extension rarely needs planning permission and can be built at affordable prices compared to other types of extensions.

Porch Extension

Although you cannot create a new room or a kitchen with this extension, it is extremely popular among many homeowners as it not only increases the aesthetic of a property but also adds value to the property. This idea is worth considering if your front doors directly open to your living room. This is the easiest type of extension to carry out.
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