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Construction is a highly scientific and methodological process. Whether you are building a house or a multi-storey building, the construction process comes with countless steps, and each step requires meticulous execution. All steps are essential, from planning and selecting optimum foundations to building superstructures and landscaping. A dedicated construction company like ours will take each step seriously and exhibit professional excellence. Regardless of which type of infrastructure you intend to build, our in-house team of civil engineers, architects, and geotechnical engineers will help you achieve your aspired construction goals. Whether you want to carry out minor repairs or build an entirely new structure, our expert construction team has you covered. We specialise in residential and commercial construction and have worked on numerous projects around the United Kingdom.

Is It Necessary To Contact Professional Contractor?

The first thing that comes to mind is whether you should ask for professional help or not. People think they can solve all the refurbishment tasks by using DIY hacks no doubt you may fix some of the issues with it, but that fixture will not give you a permanent solution and can lead to more harm than good. This is why calling for professional help this way; you can save your money and get reliable permanent solutions. Only a professional understands all the right ways to deal with the issue, and if you are looking for one, BBS Construction UK is always here to serve you with the best services for Bathroom Refurbishments.

Why BBS Construction UK for Bathroom Refurbishments?

Our team is thoroughly trained for refurbishment tasks and knows to deal with all the difficulties that can come in the way. So, if you plan to refurbish your bathroom, we can have some in use. BBS Construction, UK, offers you the best quality full bathroom refurbishment services for large and small bathrooms. Yes, you heard it right; if you are the one with the small bathroom which do not have a lot of shower area or walking space to design, you can still have a great bathroom design by using our small bathroom refurbishment services. Our experts will offer you designs and styles, and you can pick the one that suits you and your conditions the most. Discuss and share your thoughts with us, and we will offer the best results by mixing your thoughts with our professional ideas and creativity.
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Your One-Stop Solution

New Building Construction

A new building construction usually begins with carrying out a detailed site analysis. Our geotechnical engineers analyse the soil to check its quality and attributes; these include load-bearing value (LBV), a measure of tolerance or how much weight the ground soil can withstand. Soil type and quality are also analysed, including its moisture content and the way it reacts to climatic changes. Based on this analysis, our engineers identify whether the superstructure would require shallow or deep foundations. Once that is done, our engineers design and prepare the foundations according to the required measurements. Site clearance is the next step which is followed by excavation if required. From building the foundations of a commercial or residential building to the complete structure, our dedicated team remains committed to delivering top-quality results.
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Property Extensions

Property extensions are one of the best ways to add space to your home. They are also relatively affordable than moving to a new home or carrying out a new house construction. Our construction contractors specialise in various property extensions, including:
  • House Extensions
  • Loft Extensions
  • Kitchen Extensions
  • Basement Extensions
  • Garage Extensions
House extensions can add considerable space through rear extensions, side return extensions, wrap-around extensions, and single/multiple-storey extensions. Each type of extension adds a varying amount of space and has an associated cost. Loft extensions aim to convert your loft into a useable space and include rooflight conversion, mansard conversion, dormer conversion, and hip-to-gable conversion. Regardless of your conversion type, our expert engineers will ensure that you get considerable space at the lowest possible cost.

Renovations and Refurbishments

Our construction services also include renovations and refurbishment, which can be complete or partial. Partial or minor refurbishments/renovations are typically carried out when you want a quick fix to an old property you intend to sell. A few basic refurbishments can make your property more marketable and fetch a better price. Major renovations may include:
  • Repair and repainting walls
  • Building or removing walls
  • Complete bathroom renovation/refurbishment, including replacement of piping, drainage, sanitary wares, and retiling
  • Complete kitchen renovation, including repair of worktops, retiling, piping and drainage systems installation, kitchen appliances and accessories, cabinetry, etc.
  • Reflooring of your entire home
  • Bedroom and living room renovations
A new house construction cost may not be affordable, making refurbishment/renovation a better choice. Whether you want complete or partial renovation, you can expect the same level of dedication from our expert construction team, who will give a new life to your home.

Adherence to the Laws

Since the UK government has revised permitted rights, many construction activities do not require planning permission. Some types of property extensions and loft conversions can be carried out without seeking approval from the local council. However, for construction activities requiring planning permission, you do not have to go through the pain of compliance because our architects will make sure to submit all technical drawings to the local council and coordinate with them for approval. Another tedious job is to comply with building regulations: a common person can get lost in the details, but you don’t have to stress yourself because our team regularly coordinates with the building control department. Building regulations pertain to various aspects such as ventilation, fire safety, plumbing, construction, and many more. When you hire us for commercial or residential construction, you shall be sure that we will save you from a lot of hassle, stress, and high costs.
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