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House Extensions

If you are short with the space at the place where you live, the most popular way to get or add some extra space are home extensions. It adds value to your house and prevents you from the hassle of finding a new place and moving to that. We know the importance of some particular extra area, especially in the UK, where sometimes finding a home can be a huge issue. This is why House Extensions are undoubtedly the best way to add extra space to the property; BBS & Sons Construction UK offers services for quality home extensions. But the first question that comes to mind is, where to start? For complete planning, no matter you require garage extension, side extension, or double or single-storey rear extension, we at BBS & Son Construction can help you. We have professionals who can guide you the best about your need and will also provide you with information about whether the type of extension you want is in your favour. No place is the same, so they all need different planning and construction methods depending on what will suit them. We have been working for years and have dealt with some top-notch home extensions; this is why we know to deal with all situations and steps involved in the house extension process.

What To Consider Before You Start?

It may seem easy, but there are numerous things involved in building house extensions, don’t worry! We can take care of all for your best experience with us. Above all, we know that people are always looking for the best at reasonable prices, and this is why we offer quality services by keeping the house extensions cost affordable. We have a vast portfolio of successful projects and a satisfied client list. If you want the best for you, contact us now and let us deal with your house extension issues.

Will You Plan Add Value

Before starting any house project, the first thing to consider is whether the options you are choosing will add value to your plan. It is always advised to consult someone with experience in the field and an expert before diving in. They can offer you the complete details and steps to follow and help you in each stage, and We are always here to provide you with a helping hand in this matter. We will inform you that whether the idea you have in your mind will add any value to your property or will suit your need for a house extension. We will guide you about all the budgeting situations. All your services are transparent, and there are no catches in it for you. We always keep our clients aware of what’s happening by sharing all the visible and background process details.
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Planning Permission

Some projects do not require planning permission, but projects like building significant house extension of Loft conversion require planning permission, and BBS & Sons Construction UK will deal with this for you. You don’t need to worry about the paperwork as we take care of required conditions and take every step accordingly. For example, If the extension you want is more than half of the area of your house, you will need planning permission, and only an expert can help you with that.

What Building Regulations Apply To House extensions?

Even if the extension you want does not require planning permission and is built under permitted development rights, you still have to get the building regulation approval to meet the standards. These regulations set the requirements for:
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Most maintenance work does not require building regulation except rewiring, under pipping, and building work. But, most of the new buildings, including alterations, require this. Some examples of work they need to comply with Building Regulation are,
So yes! Building Regulations apply to house extensions, and we can help you solve this issue. Other than the above, there are other factors to consider, such as your insurance provider, leaseholders,neighbours, party wall act, designing and choosing the right builder. You can always trust BBS & Son Construction UK for the best quality services for cheap house extensions.

Why Choose BBS & Son Construction UK?

Whether you want extra space for increasing family or increasing the value of your home, you can trust our services as we being the leading company in this industry, can provide you with the right solutions for your needs.

Experienced Extension Company

Our friendly approach and years of experience allow us to deliver the best for clients’ satisfaction. In all our years working as extension experts, we have encountered so many situations related to extension work, so we can easily tackle all the possibilities and issues. We are not stopping soon as we love our work, and this dedication helps us provide you with the best cheap house extension.

Internal Alterations

We offer internal alteration services with complete plan drawings and can get all the planning and building regulation permissions. We plan and work to turn your ideas into reality as we have a creative, dedicated, and hardworking team working in this field.

House Extension Architects

Our house extension architects visit your place to get an idea about what you want and deliver some designs after seeing the space that will fit your needs. We offer the 3D vision to you to see what your final product will look like. So, do not wait long; if you need trustworthy services at a reasonable house extension cost, contact us today and get your work done with complete peace of mind.
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