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House Extensions in Essex

Space Issues? Get a House Extension

If your old house seems too small for you, your family has grown bigger or you need more rooms to build a library, living room, drawing room, office or a study room, then house extensions in Essex is the best option for you.

House Extension Rather Than a New house

Living in Essex, you know how tricky can it be to move to a new house. The problems don’t end only at the price issues but there are moving issues, property approvals, new taxes, house removals, etc. The list goes on and on. In the busy life of Essex, it becomes very hard to make time from your busy schedule and do all this by yourself. Rather just adding a room or two to your existing house can do the job for you. You just have to make up your mind about what you want the new room for in your home and devise a plan and discuss it with the house extension specialists Essex to see the feasibility of your plan. If you hire our house extension builders in Essex then they will properly analyze your plan and see if it will be applicable in its original form or if some alterations should be made to it.
House Extensions Essex

BBS Construction UK Delivers The Best House Extensions in Essex

We BBS Construction UK. are a professional structural engineering and house extension company in Essex. We provide high quality best house extensions in Essex and all across the UK. Our house extensions builders Essex team is highly professional and they are dedicated to achieving perfection in all of their projects. Being highly experienced in the field, we have abundant knowledge of all kinds of house extensions Essex and we deliver perfection. So, you can hire us without any worries.

Kinds of House Extensions That We Offer

No matter what kind of house extension you need, our house extension builders Essex team will do it for you. Following are some of the types of house extensions we offer:
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House Extensions Essex

Rare Extensions

This kind of house extension is done at the back of the property. it extends onto your garden or patio area of the house. As it‘s usually a small extension so it doesn’t need planning permission. So, it saves your time and hassle and adds room to your house. Our house extensions builders Essex have years of experience in rare extensions and will prepare the best house extension for you.

Side Return Extensions

Side return extensions are not usually a structure reforming extension, rather it runs to the length of the room. So, it has a significant transformative effect on the interior of your house/room. You can also use the glass windows on the roof to make your room bright with more roof light. It doesn’t usually need planning permissions. But this house extensions Essex might take 3-4 months for completion.
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Wrap Around Extensions

It is a combination of side return and rare extension. So, it moves the outer walls in two directions. If you are looking to dramatically increase the space in your house to build anything like a kitchen, drawing room, dining area, or whichever room you want, then it is the best option for you. This house extension prices vary depending on the size of the house extension. it will usually take 4-6 months depending on the size of the extension you want.
House Extensions Essex
House Extensions Essex

Double Story Extensions

In this kind of extension, you will choose one of the above types and the home extensions builders Essex will extend it over two floors. if you want to double the space but not double the cost, then this extension is for you. As the house extension costs of this kind will only be 50% more than the singly story extension. If you didn’t find what you were looking for then worry no more, as our services are not limited to only the above types. Our house extension company Essex also offers other kinds of house extensions including dormer extensions. Call us to arrange a meeting or to get a house extension quote in Essex.
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