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House Extensions Liverpool

The UK’s trend of carrying out house extensions has gathered pace in the last few years. There are many reasons for this trend.
  • The British government has modified the permitted development rights, because of which many alterations, loft conversions, and house extensions now do not require planning permission approval.
  • Another reason is the growth in population and the average family size. Inflation has led to an increase in real estate values, and not every family can afford to purchase a new and bigger home.
In these conditions, house extensions in Liverpool are a viable and much more convenient option for people with growing families or people who want to increase the value of their real estate investments in Liverpool. We are here to ensure you get the most from your Home Extensions Liverpool at the least possible cost.
House Extensions Liverpool

Our Services are a Complete Package

Availing of our house extension services will save you from a lot of hassle, which other service providers may not attend to. Our process will include:
  • Carrying out a detailed inspection of your home.
  • Advising you regarding your options for house extensions (Rear, side, wrap-around, single/multiple storeys)
  • Approval from planning permission (if required)
  • Approval from building regulations.
  • Carrying out the required house extension in a planned and step-wise process.

Best House Extensions in Liverpool

Whether you opt for the rear, side return, wrap-around, or a multiple storey Home Extensions Liverpool, when you hire us, you can be assured that you have hired a team of professionals. House extensions are not just about extending your house. It is like building an entire structure from scratch. It is not the physical structure we will be making but also providing you with the installation of various utilities such as:
  • Electrical works include wiring, sockets, fuse boxes, etc.
  • Plumbing works include drainage, piping, gas supply, water supply, etc.
  • Installation of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Tiling, flooring, painting, etc.
  • Additional services
All these professionals are available to you under one roof makes our services much more convenient than hiring or running after professionals from so many different fields individually. We are the best House Extension Builders in Liverpool if you want stress-free house extensions.
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House Extensions Liverpool

What Type of House Extension Do We Excel in Providing?

Rear extensions and side return House Extensions Liverpool are the simplest to carry out among all types of attachments. They also have the lowest house extension cost. A rear extension extends the back side of your home onto the patio or the garden area, enabling you to carry out an expanded open-plan space while blending your indoor to outdoor space. Side return extensions bring your alleyway into use; this is the space which is usually wasted. It is common in many period properties and can be put to good use. Both the rear and side return extensions do not require planning permission approval. Both are highly affordable and very common across the United Kingdom. Whether you want a side extension or rear, hire us for the best House Extensions in Liverpool.
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Wrap-Around Extensions

Double the additional space by combining a side return and rear extensions. This is known as a Wraparound extension. They’re highly suitable, adding considerable living space and providing immense convenience to large families. They create a huge open plan space that you can use to add a large seating space, dining area, and kitchen in a single room. It also helps you perform a thorough blending of outdoors and indoors. You can use roof lights and bifold doors to create a continuous flow between your garden and home. The house extension cost of wrap-around extensions is higher than side or rear extensions
House Extensions Liverpool
House Extensions Liverpool

Single or Multiple Story Extensions

Single or multiple story House Extensions Liverpool involves adding one or more new floors to your existing home. You can select from either a rear, side or wrap around extension and extend it over two feet. Adding a double-story instead of a single one is always more cost-efficient because the foundation work is already done. These extensions are costlier than all other types, but you can use the extra floor to build any room you want. Single/multiple story extensions require planning permission to carry out. Our home extensions builders Liverpool are experts at building multiple story extensions to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Let Us Advise You

Call us if you have questions or confusion regarding house extensions. We will be glad to help you. Our house extension company Liverpool is the best option for reliable and affordable extensions. You can also get in touch with us online through our website.
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