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House Extension Services in Manchester

Solve the Space Issues in your Home

A city located in the Northwest of England; Manchester is a very busy city. It is considered to be one of the excellent places to live. Due to the higher standards of living here, it can be very costly to buy a new house. Moreover, in the busy life of Manchester, it can be stressful to move to a new home because moving your stuff to a new place takes a lot of time and energy. So, if you are considering moving your house for space issues, then you better consider other space-increasing options in your current home, such as loft conversion and house extension.
House Extension Services in Manchester

From Consultation to Construction - We are at Your Service

House Extension is the best way to increase the living space in your home. You can add an additional room to your house; you can use it as a library, office, kitchen, living room, separate bedroom or guest room. The possibilities are infinite. If you don’t know where to start, hire our house extensions Manchester team. We will navigate the way through costs, plans, drawings and everything. Hiring our house extension builders in Manchester is like hiring a trusted friend to help you through this tedious task.

No Structural Errors with Our Structural Engineers

BBS Construction UK is a professional company providing professional structural engineering and construction management services. No matter where you are in the UK, we offer services nationwide. We take pride in providing quality services to our clients as we are a dedicated team that gives its all to every project and delivers excellence. We start working on all of our house extensions in Manchester after our structural engineers finalize the drawings. Moreover, during construction, our house extensions builders Manchester team is supervised by the structural engineers, so there is no chance of technical fault. In short, you can trust us with your project.
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Benefits of House Extensions - That Are Too Hard to Overlook

Still confused whether you should move to a new house or you should extend your existing home?
Consider some of the advantages that come with house extensions in Manchester.
House Extension Services in Manchester

Adds to the Property Value of Your House

The real estate market has been very competitive in past years; the potential buyers look for distinctive features in houses that attract them, such as a swimming pool, house extension, loft conversion, garden etc. Having house extensions in Manchester adds significantly to the current value of your home. You can add around 20% to the present value of your home if you add an additional bedroom to your home. Moreover, if you get the house extension builders Manchester to build a new bathroom in your home, it can increase around 5% in the current value of your home.So, having House Extension Manchester not only allows you to enjoy new space in your home but also makes you stress-free about the resale value of your home.
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Adds Living Space to Your Home

Another important factor that attracts potential buyers is more living space. Whether you add a bedroom, a guest room, an office, a kitchen, a living room, or a bathroom, it adds to the living space in your home with house extensions Manchester. You can also discuss with our house extension specialists in Manchester whether you can add a single or double-storey to the existing structure of your home. So, hiring house extension builders Manchester will definitely benefit you.
House Extension Services in Manchester
House Extension Services in Manchester

Why We Are the Best Fit for Your House Extension?

We are a house extension company in Manchester that is one step ahead of others. We offer all the necessary features that are necessary for a quality extension.
  • We provide the best House Extension Builders in Manchester as they have years of experience in the field and have practical skills to do the quality extensions for you.
  • We have upfront rates. We charge no hidden costs.
  • We offer guaranteed services. Our house extensions last a lifetime.
  • We can build bespoke house extensions.
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