House Renovations

Are you moving to another place due to unsatisfactory home conditions? Have you ever considered renovating your home to give it life and make it according to your desire? If not, you must think about it because renovating your house or living place can be cheaper than moving to another place and facing heavy custom duties. We know that the idea of renovation and starting everything from scratch can be disturbing and may also seem frustrating. But, it's the best idea one can go with; all you need is trustworthy, creative, experienced and expert house renovations services in the UK. If you consider renovating your house, get top-notch House Renovations services from BBS & Son Construction UK Ltd.

Advantages of Our Approach

We are known as the quality and experienced house renovations contractors. The renovation project can not only increase the space but will provide value to your place. Changing the look of the home you live in is possible; all that is required is a creative sight, so do not wait longer if you want creative ideas for your renovation project, get benefits from our house renovations services. We can deliver the plan to create something attractive and extraordinary for your site. We use the best technology methods to remodel and renovate. You can trust us for the best-needed outcomes. We can assure you that you won't find better services than us all over the UK, especially regarding reasonable house renovations costs and prices. BBS & Son Construction UK Ltd is known for unique, hassle-free, wholly transparent services and standard finishing using high-end products.

Are you looking for a professional construction company in the Hillingdon, London area?

Easier: Get everything under one roof, from planning, designing to implementation. You can contact us for all types of design and construction work related to renovations.

Better: You can get outstanding solutions for your renovation. We offer you unique designs and always keep your ideas in mind to provide the results that can satisfy you.

Faster: The faster, the better. We plan everything and complete all the steps on time to avoid unnecessary hassle.

Cheaper: BBS & Son Construction UK Ltd is here to offer you services at reasonable full house renovations UK costs without any extra effort. Because we are an expert, we know to deal with premium quality and affordable rates.

House Renovations

BBS & Son Construction UK's House Renovations Team

Our team collaboratively work with complete dedication to bring your desire and mental picture of your home into life. We have the most professional team guarantee you the following;

  • We develop the architectural designs for your place
  • To keep a complete check and an eye on every detail, we provide you with an In-house structural engineer for your house renovations project
  • Our team works to offer Cost-effective optimized designs with the most significant expertise
  • Cost-break down in detail for keeping you aware of budgeting details
  • No surprises and no catches when it comes to cost and pricing; you will be informed and will get a complete quote
  • A planning application that is appropriate and can help in the house renovations project
  • Highly expert project management:
    on-time delivery
    resource optimization
    Work according to British Standards
  • Insurance and Guarantee:
    We hold public liability insurance
    All risk cover for our builder's and your protection
    Warranty on structural work
  • A team that works together for keeping things smooth and on time
  • We monitor all the happening on the site through videos and photos for keeping the milestone and the complete work percentage
  • Use of high-end products

Our Renovation Process

Some of the steps involved in our House Renovations Process are as follow:

  • Site Visit

Our evaluation and consultation are cost-free. This step involves visiting the location o house you want to renovate and knowing about your ideas for the renovation to keep them in mind while working on the project. When it's about functions, theme, colours, layout and features, you can wholly inform us about what you want. We offer you ideas for complete kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, house refurbishments, and house remodelling projects.

  • Feasibility Analysis

Our comprehensive feasibility analysis can help you if you do not know what you exactly want or are confused about the decision. Our team will inform you about all the possible options that will suit your property for renovation. With our help, you will know how much extra space or features you can add. We will offer you the best ideas to time your property to its fullest.

  • Surveying

Sometimes some special surveys are needed, especially if your house needs some special structural alterations. This is for establishing the exact dimension of the site, load-bearing wall location, the position of drains, and other external factors that might affect the design that we are suggesting or you have in mind.

  • Design Brief

This is the step where our architect starts producing your design. He draws all the sketches and measurements to bring your idea to life. Design brief is the most crucial step, and all the further steps depend upon it. We ask you to choose materials, fixtures, fittings and finishes at this stage. You will be able to see the design in 3D to get an idea of the finishing look of your structure if you want to change something, no problem! We can do it for you according to what you want.

  • Planning Permission

If your renovation requires structural alteration, you will surely need panning permission, and we can handle it for you. Being the leading contractors in this industry, we know the planning process in and out. So you do not have to go through a hectic process, leave it on us.

  • Construction

We will provide you with the team manager to keep an eye on the complete construction process to keep things smooth and fluent. We use the right tools, materials, and machinery.

And at the end, there is a hand-over and close out the step. Our team looks at everything and make sure all is done and is perfectly up to the mark.

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