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Loft Conversions

If you plan to extend your home, Loft Conversions can be the most cost-effective way. Loft Conversions do not require any separate foundations and groundworks. Usually, 70% of the floor place is added by the conversion of loft that can be used in the making bedroom and bathroom or sometimes more than 1 or 2 bedrooms. So, choosing the option of Loft Conversions is not at all a bad idea. But, you will need a trustworthy construction company to do this for you as it is something that requires knowledge, skill, and creativity. BBS & Son Construction, UK, has been doing this job for years and is the leading construction company in this field. We have a qualified team to perform all these tasks professionally by keeping all the stages smooth and easy-going.

Loft Conversions at BBS & Son Construction, UK

Each Loft Conversions is different from others; BBS & Son Construction UK offers you Loft Conversions services tailored to your needs. Our team works following a complete plan, and each step in this plan is according to what you want for your Loft Conversions. First, we will visit and get all the necessary information. We are aware that a perfect Loft Conversions can be a beautiful addition to the house, and if not appropriately done, it just looks like an extra box attached to the house. Whether it’s about small Loft Conversions or huge ones, you can trust our team for all without hesitation and doubt. As professionals, we know to handle all types of work and perform our best to produce the wanted result. We will construct a design that can provide your house with complementary dimensions and features. It will enhance the beauty of your home and will not at all look like an extra part.
Loft Conversions
We start Loft Conversions with the meeting, discuss all the possibilities and offer you some bespoke design for your property to clear ideas and queries. This step is crucial because you and we come to know about its concept. If you have it in mind, we work according to that, but if you are confused, we are here to help you; as being the experts, no one can understand the Loft Conversions process better than us.
We are here to offer you the best and cheap Loft Conversions services. Our Loft Conversions costs are reliable as being the professionals we know to handle the price and quality side-by-side. To satisfy our customer’s needs and deliver the best results according to demand and requirement. We will keep you informed about each step involved and show you the finishing product with the help of 3D pictures, so you’ll also know what to expect. We are the one point facility for all your requirements. Contact us today if you plan the Loft Conversions and want an expert and reliable helping hand.
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Understanding of Your Loft Conversions Planning Process

Most of the Loft Conversions process needs permitted development. For, this an application called PD application is submitted to the department. This application can take eight weeks for the approval from Planning department, and after the consent, the certificate of lawfulness is issued. It lasts for life.
  • Planning permission is required for the flats and maisonettes as they do not have any permitted development rights.
  • There are no permitted rights for conservation areas and listed buildings under Article 4, so they also need planning permission.
  • Building regulations and structural engineering designs are required for all the projects; before starting the work, this is submitted as a second application and is a must.
Loft Conversions

Tips for Loft Conversions

  • It is necessary to inform the freeholder if you are not the one, and we can help you provide descriptions and plans needed for them.
  • Must is taking all the relevant approvals before starting the actual work, whether your project is permitted. Because sometimes the council can out the article 4 which neglects the legal rights and can cause an issue for you. So, getting the approvals is the best.
  • No doubt the planning department is SLOW, allowing 12 weeks for the design, submission and application to be approved by them.
  • In most cases, party wall agreements are required; a party agreement is necessary to insert anything structural like steel beams.
  • Always plan! There is no doubt that designs, fixtures and fittings are vital. Everything from lightings to sockets, kitchen tiling and bathrooms should be scheduled before the construction work starts. It would be best to have ideas about what you want in mind and should not jump from one idea to another. It can disturb the working pattern, affect the budget you have made, and cost you more than you have planned.
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Different Loft Conversions Ideas

Here are some of the ideas for your Loft Conversions that you can choose depending upon the requirements of your property.


The widow featured extension is installed to provide extra space within the loft with a headroom. Dormer is popular because of its capability of enhancing the aesthetic. In this, planning permission is required from authorities in the UK. If you want a professional Loft Conversions Company, don’t hesitate to contact us and get the best suitable cheap Loft Conversions.


If we talk about the period properties where planning permission is granted, and it is necessary to consider the local housing style, mansard will suit them best. A flat roof is involved in this design, which means the large areas of full head height manoeuvrability. This extension has small windows for drawing light into the Loft Conversions. This is one popular Loft Conversions style all over the UK.
Loft Conversions
Loft Conversions

Hip to Gable

Between the dual-pitch roof, the gable is a triangular portion wall. This wall’s placement and shape are an aesthetic concern and depend on the structural system. So it the shape of the gable relies on the type of roof. You can choose this option if you want something simple yet classy.

Roof light

Roof windows are no doubt an attractive option for everyone. This is because it can fit along the roof and give a modern and unique look, especially for fans of direct light. There is no need to restructure the roof in this option. This type of conversion can be done under permitted rights, so there is no need for planning permission. But, building regulations are required.
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