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A loft conversion is the best way of adding extra space to your home without increasing the actual size of your home. If your family size has increased, you are planning to add an office to your home, or you need extra space for a hobby, then a properly done loft conversion can be a very affordable solution. Moreover, for most of the loft conversions in Edgware, homeowners do not require planning permission. Our highly professional and skilled team members will carry out every step of your loft conversion on their own from identifying the best conversion to arranging planning permission approval and subsequently converting your Loft. If you are residing in Edgware, contact us for loft conversions Edgware.

Our Services

Our skilled operatives will visit our home and identify the types of loft conversions that can be carried out according to your current house structure. These include:

Dormer Conversion:

One of the most common types of conversions and also among the affordable ones is the dormer conversion. It is also relatively simple to build. The new extension projects outwards vertically from the roof slope. Standard windows or dormer windows are usually installed to give a beautiful view of your extension. Planning permission is not required usually so we can get straight to work. Our expert team will make sure that your dormer conversion provides you with the largest space possible at an affordable price. For Dormer Loft conversions Edgware, call us today.

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Mansard Conversion:

The mansard conversion adds almost a new floor to your existing house. In this type of conversion, we will alter the structure of your sloping roof by erecting walls that seem almost vertical but are 72 degrees. Mansard conversions can be added to your home's rear, front, or side. We can also carry out Double mansard conversions i.e. front as well as rear. This type of conversion requires planning permission which we shall arrange for you. It also requires skilful craftsmanship which our operatives can provide.

Hip to Gable conversion:

Our highly skilled operatives can also provide your home with a hip to gable conversion. This involves straightening the hipped end of your roof for creating vertical walls. We can also install standard windows so that you can enjoy natural light.

Loft Conversions Edgware

Modular Conversion:

Modular conversions are not that common, they involve fixing pre-fabricated loft structures, usually constructed from steel. Our team will take off your home's roof to fit the new structure. We will also arrange planning permission which is usually required for modular conversions. The pre-fabricated structures can even include doors, bathrooms, windows, etc. A high level of technical skills is required for customizing and fitting modular conversions.

Rooflight Conversion:

Rooflight conversion is the cheapest among all. It is simply an attempt to make your existing loft space usable without carrying out any major alteration. Rooflight windows are added for light, the floor is furbished, the loft space is finished to make it usable, and a staircase is added. Everything will be done and provided by us. We have provided countless rooflight loft conversions Edgware.

Why Hire Us?

Skilled & Trained professionals:

Regardless of which type of conversion you want; our operatives are highly skilled and trained to carry out any type of conversion. Whether you want a simple conversion or you want to add an entire floor, our team members are well experienced to provide any such service. Our in-house team comprises plumbers, electricians, contractors, tilers, architects, interior designers, etc. So, if you want to add a bathroom to your new floor, or you want to build a professional office, or you want to build your gym, our operatives will provide all of these services. 

Low-cost services:

In an attempt to stay competitive in the market, we have kept our prices highly affordable for our customers. Your loft conversion cost depends on several factors such as the type of conversion and the installations/services you may require such as sanitary installations, electric work, etc.

Contact Us

For highly professional loft extensions in Edgware or elsewhere in the UK you can contact us on our registered phone number or online through our website. You can request a free site visit or a free quote or just call for any advice or consultancy you may require regarding loft conversions.

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