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Loft Conversions Harrow

If you have a growing family and you feel that you want the additional room to fulfil your needs, or that you want a room committed to calm time and unwinding then a loft conversions Harrow could be the best decision. Regardless of whether you simply need the extra room, having your loft professionally changed over with BBS & Son Construction will amplify your loft potential. Most of the time no planning authorization is required and it takes professional loft conversions in Harrow like us between 9-10 weeks to change over a loft, contingent upon size and specification. So before you know it you can be partaking in your new room, office, washroom or playroom. From the above advantages of a loft conversion, it is no big surprise that a huge number of Loft Conversions Harrow property holders have effectively used their rooftop space to get more space out of their property. Whatever your purposes behind needing a loft conversion it makes certain to improve your delight in your home and its worth.

What are the types of loft conversion?

  • Dormer loft conversion
  • Hip-to-gable loft conversion
  • Mansard loft conversion
Loft Conversions Harrow

Dormer loft conversion

Dormer Loft conversion is the most famous loft conversions in Harrow. They are easy to design and have a level rooftop dormer. This kind of loft conversions are Box moulded and the development convey of this sort of dormer loft conversions requires almost 5 weeks. The dormer loft extension Harrow make the incredible measure of room you can fit a twofold room. This kind of loft conversion regularly fall under allowed improvement and is reasonable for most house styles.
  • Adds valuable headroom in a confined storage room
  • Leaves straight dividers and level roofs
  • Makes a lot of extra inside space
  • Great light and ventilation
  • Modest contrasted with different decisions
  • Reasonable for most UK house styles
  • Regularly falls under allowed advancement
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Hip to gable loft conversion

Hip to a gable loft conversion is great for end of the porch and disengaged homes or semi isolates houses. Hip to gable loft conversions fixes an internally skewed end rooftop to make a vertical divider. This choice has become extremely famous because of the space offered internally. This loft conversion type is joined with a back dormer for the greatest space, hip to gable lofts are reasonable for lodges.


  • Stylishly satisfying, as it mixes in with the current home
  • Can be joined with a back dormer loft for the greatest space
  • Reasonable for big houses and villas
Loft Conversions Harrow
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Mansard loft conversion

Mansard loft conversion

Mansard Loft Conversions a planned and work by raising party divider where rooftop will stay level while the external divider will slant delicately inwards. This kind of lofts mix well with more old build properties, there is more headroom and permits all the more light into the loft. Mansard lofts take more time to develop and are broader than different sorts of loft conversions.


  • Viewed as more stylishly satisfying than a dormer
  • Mixes well into more established properties
  • More headroom than some other kind of conversion
  • Will in general permit all the more light into your loft

Are our loft conversions cost-effective?

If you are searching for a home with an additional room however like your region, a cheap oft conversion can be the ideal decision for you. Loft conversions can add additional rooms and residing spaces to your home and can be the ideal option in contrast to the time, exertion and cash engaged with moving home. You’ll get the perfect home while as yet having the option to stay got comfortable in the region that you like. The loft plans you’ve drawn will help you in two ways. Initially, they’ll be helpful in your application for arranging authorization and building guidelines and, besides, they’ll be utilized by your developer during the loft conversion. Hence, unmistakably your arrangements are very significant towards securing an extraordinary loft conversion. You should have the plans done by a loft conversion specialist. BBS & Son Construction is a well-reputed company that offers the absolute best loft conversions Harrow, London and the encompassing regions. Add more value to your home with BBS & Son loft conversion. Our professionals will configure, oversee and complete loft conversions to make a beautiful home space. We utilize qualified professionals, to guarantee we convey quality for your loft conversions in Harrow. For conferences get in touch with us today and get service with the best loft conversion cost Harrow.
Mansard loft conversion
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