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Loft Conversions Sheffield

Get your loft converted by the exemplary team

When it comes to Loft Conversion Contractors Sheffield, you will find many who claim to be the best but we are a class apart. We have the best architects and the best civil engineers, who are all a part of our professional in-house team. We provide all services which are necessary to bring your loft into an aesthetic as well as a useable condition. Our team is qualified and certified. When you hire us for Loft Conversions Sheffield, you can say goodbye to stress.

Are loft conversions useful?

What can loft conversions provide you with? are they really worth it? let us look at some of the advantages of carrying out a loft conversion:
  • If you are short of space, a loft conversion can add some to your home.
  • The additional space can be used for storage, building a bedroom, kids’ room, bathroom, etc.
  • Some loft conversions will improve the outlook of your home and therefore increase your property value.
  • If you need extra space but do not have the budget to move into a new home, loft conversions can solve this problem.
Loft Conversions Sheffield

What are your options when it comes to Loft Conversions in Sheffield?

There are traditionally four types of loft conversions including Mansard, Dormer, Hip to Gable, and Rooflight conversion. Your choice of a loft conversion depends on your budget and the extra space you need. Our loft conversion specialists Sheffield can carry out any conversion and customize it to meet both your needs as well as your budget.

Roof light loft conversions

The roof light loft conversions Sheffield is the most common type of conversions. You can see them across the UK. There are several reasons for its widespread acceptance:
    • Rooflight conversions do not require any major structural change.
    • They bring your existing loft space into use.
    • They involve the installation of roof light windows, staircase, flooring, and utilities.
    • They are the most affordable and simplest conversion.
    • Rooflight Loft Conversions Sheffield does not require planning permission approval.
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Loft Conversions Sheffield

Dormer Conversion

The second most common conversion which you might have witnessed in the UK is the dormer conversion. They have the following features.
  • Carrying out these conversions requires a sloping roof.
  • Dormer conversions add sufficient space.
  • Next to rooflight conversions, they are highly affordable.
  • They also improve the outward appearance of your home and therefore increase your property value.
  • Usually Planning permission is not mandatory for dormer conversions.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Many detached/Semi-detached houses from the 1930s to the 1950s have hipped roofs which shrink the headroom of your loft space. Hip to gable conversions solves this problem. Some of their features include:
  • Outward Extension of the roof and creation of a gable wall.
  • This results in creating a lot of additional space.
  • Substantially increases your property value.
  • Gives an aesthetic appeal to your property.
  • May require planning permission approval.
  • Cost is higher than rooflight and dormer conversions.
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Mansard Conversion

Mansard conversions involve major alterations to your roof. The aim is to make the roof horizontal with a back wall that is almost vertical. The final structure provides you with substantial additional space.
  • Mansard conversions are complex and should be carried out by loft conversion specialists Sheffield.
  • Highest space addition among all types of conversions.
  • You can also carry out double conversions.
  • Substantial increase in property value.
  • Suitable for most properties
  • This kind of Loft Conversions Sheffield will require planning permission approval.
Loft Conversions Sheffield
Loft Conversions Sheffield

Important things to keep in mind about the loft conversions

  • Not all lofts are built for conversion.
  • Our engineers will first check the suitability of your loft before carrying out Loft Conversions in Sheffield.
  • Planning permission is not required for every type of conversion but building approval is required for every type of conversion.
  • We will facilitate you throughout the process of planning permission and building approval.
We rank among the top local loft conversion company Sheffield. If you are not sure which loft conversion is the best for you, you can ask us for expert advice. We can also carry out a detailed site visit at your request and provide you with a quote for your desired loft conversion.
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