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Property Extensions Ickenham Specialists

BBS Construction UK makes property extensions in Ickenham easier for you. Whether you are falling short of space or you wish to add a little more room for yourself in the house; look no further than our property extensions Ickenham. We not only boost your space and make the area more functional for you, but we also add more value to your property. Did you know? If your property extension is done right, it can boost its value up to 25% or even more? Give us a call and let’s get started! BBS Construction UK has had an amazing experience of years, booming with positive and wonderful feedback. We can manage all types of large scale home renovations, which include home additional spaces and extensions. Property extensions can be daunting. They include a lot of work and large scale renovation. But with us, all your worries are set aside. You can gear up for a worry and stress-free experience with our property extensions Ickenham specialists. Whether you want us to add an extra storey for you or you are looking for a garage addition or more; name it and we will bring it to life for you.
Property Extensions Ickenham

Years of Positive Experience

We are gratified to be in the industry for years now. We have had a wonderful experience, serving people in town, and bringing some of the most magical property extensions in Ickenham, to life. Your mind can be at peace, while we are at work, knowing that you have chosen experienced professionals for the task. We understand property extensions inside out. From your planning permit to a personalized design that portrays your personality and from high-quality materials to impeccably crafted extensions; get everything under one hub, at BBS Construction UK.

We help you Get the Planning Permit

Property extensions to Ickenham require planning permits. You must avail of a permit letter from your legal authorities before hiring us. However, this can be a challenging and complicated task and many times, the tiniest bit of mistake, becomes your reason for getting rejected. If you want, we can help you with it. We can prepare your permit letter on our own, to ensure that it meets the legal regulations and apply on your behalf. Without you having to worry a sweat, the permit can be availed and we can start working on your project. However, we leave it up to the client. If you want to work for the permit on your own; you can. There is no obligation!
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Luxurious Bespoke Designs

Before we begin building your extension, we bring your imagination to life, in the shape of a design. Our luxurious range of designs is exclusively crafted to meet and cater to different tastes and personalities. However, we are always up for curating personalized designs too. Come, discuss your property extension needs with our experts and they will weave together a design that suits your requirements and taste.

Get the best Property Extension Cost

With BBS Construction UK, you get the best property extension cost in Ickenham. We have strategically planned our prices, to ensure that every client pays exactly for what they need. As we do personalized designs, we bring you a bespoke property extension cost too. You pay for what you demand; simple. However, we do not cost you a fortune. We are affordable and easy to work with. You can get in touch with our team of experts to get started. We are here to address all your concerns and queries.
Property Extensions Ickenham
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Property Extensions Ickenham

One-Stop Solution

BBS Construction UK is your one-stop solution for an excellent property extension Ickenham. We offer you:
  • Double-storey extension
  • Loft conversion
  • Three storey extensions
  • Backyard extensions
  • Driveways
  • Sunrooms
And much more. You name it and our team can put it together for you. Come, have a worry-free experience with us and extend your property, as you like.

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We are accessible around the clock. You can visit us personally or get in touch via call. Our team is fully vaccinated and we are practising all SOPs to render a safe and secure experience to all.
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