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Property Extensions Mill Hill

A well-planned and well-executed property extension can add considerable space to your existing house. It can also increase the real estate value of your property. We provide all types of construction services including Property Extensions Mill Hill, loft conversions, property refurbishment, renovation, and re-modelling. We have in-house teams of workmen including plumbers, electricians, contractors, architects, etc. We also hire external technicians such as tilers, interior designers, etc when they are needed.

Choose the extension

Whether you want a side-return extension, wrap-around extension, single storey, or multiple storeys extension, our expert team is fully qualified and experienced to deliver the results to your complete satisfaction. Not all properties can enjoy every type of extension. Some of these have pre-requisites that should be met.
Property Extensions Mill Hill


Most common in semi-detached and Victorian houses. In this type of extension, your house’s side alley is turned into usable space, saving your garden space, and bringing your back-end rooms into use. It does not involve taking prior planning permission. It is the least costly among all other types of extensions. If you have a Victorian or semi-detached house in Mill Hill and you want this type of extension, contact our Property Extensions Mill Hill team.


A combination of side return extension with rear extension, this property extension adds substantial space and estate value to your property. You can utilize the extra space for kitchen extension or living room extension. It does not involve high cost or planning permission.
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Property Extensions Mill Hill

Single Storey Rear Extension & Multiple story extension

Adding one storey to your existing home is practical addition of an entirely new floor which you can use any way you want. Two storeys would imply, that additional space is now doubled. The more storeys, the higher the cost, and the greater the technical requirement of the workforce. Our Property Extensions Mill Hill team is highly qualified and can provide all the required technical services required for this type of extension.
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Our Process

Contact us
You can call us on our registered phone number and talk to our representative. You can also request a free visit online through our website.
Site Visit
Our technical team will visit your property on the scheduled date and time. They will analyze your site, have discussions with you, exchange ideas, and advise regarding which type of extension suits your property best. Contact us for property extensions in Mill Hill and elsewhere in the UK.
Free Quote
Once the site visit is complete, our team will provide you with a free quote for our services within 24 to 48 hours of the site visit.
Planning Permission
If our quote is accepted then depending on the type of extension you have chosen, we will seek planning permission for the extension.
Technical Planning
This step involves the preparation of technical drawings, these help in identifying each step that would be required for extension. They are significant in assuring that the plan is executed in the right way.
Project Initiation
Once all previous steps have been completed, our team will be delegated their respective duties and they will move to the site and begin their work.
Property Extensions Mill Hill
Property Extensions Mill Hill

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Team

We employ people who have the necessary qualifications & certifications for delivering these services. We also make sure to hire experienced individuals. We have banded together with the perfect team that delivers quick services without compromising on quality.

Latest Tools & Equipment

Our workmen are equipped with the latest constructions tools & equipment. Moreover, they have been trained to use these tools most effectively. Our uniformed workforce is always dressed in safety gear when delivering their services.

Affordable Cost

Property extensions cost greatly depend on the type of extension you have chosen. If you compare our prices with other companies in the market, you will find our services to be reasonably priced. We believe in delivering the best services to our customers at affordable prices.

Contact us

Contact us on our registered phone number to talk to our representative for any information that you may require. You can also get in touch with us online through our website. Request for free quotes or booking can also be entertained over the phone as well as online.
Property Extensions Mill Hill
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