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Property Extensions Northwood

Property extensions are an efficient way of adding value & space to your existing properties in Northwood. Recent relaxations in permitted development rights have made Property Extensions Northwood attractive for both residents and investors. Not only have the rules been relaxed but also the size restrictions have been made more lenient. You too can benefit from this. We have a dedicated team in Northwood that consists of trained & experienced professionals. Our skilled staff has carried out numerous property extensions and satisfied all our customers. One must know his options before going for a particular type of property extension. We are discussing below the very basic types of extensions to assist you in your decision-making process.


The most common and cheap extension which homeowners carry out is the Side Return extension which puts to use your side alley which is otherwise wasted space or used for dumping things. These particular extensions also save garden space and transform your backrooms into well-lit usable rooms. A great fact about these types of extensions is that they do not require any planning permission. Our team has carried out Side-Return-Extensions for countless families which have all expressed satisfaction with our work.
Property Extensions Northwood


A wrap-around extension wraps around your home by connecting your rear extension with a side return extension. Therefore, it is a combination of two different extensions. This results in the creation of substantial space. You can either use this space to extend your kitchen and also provide living room space to other family members. It is perfect for growing families and does not involve high costs. Our workmen are well experienced in this type of extension and this is evident from the review we have received from our customers. Another benefit is that like side return extension, this type also does not require any approval.

Single or Multiple Storey Rear Extension

This is the most complex and costly extension. In fact, it has the highest Property Extensions Northwood cost. The cost keeps increasing with every storey you add. A single-storey extension offers you a completely new floor which you can use any way you prefer. You can add rooms, kitchen, office room, study room, and even a living room. This extension usually requires planning permission. It also required a much higher level of workmanship to build and is expensive.Fortunately for you, our team of skilled workmen is perfect for this task. Our experience and work quality are well known and we intend to respect our reputation.
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Benefits of property extensions

  • Property extensions can add extra space for your growing family or storage at an affordable cost.
  • They can help you conserve and use garden space.
  • They can add value to your estate.
  • They can improve the overall look of your home.
  • Most of the extensions now do not require approval.

The Extension Process

Contact us

If you need information regarding property extensions or you are confused regarding which type of extension is most suitable for your property type, simply contact us and we will address all your questions. Our team dedicated to Property Extensions Northwood will communicate with all Northwood residents.
Property Extensions Northwood
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Property Extensions Northwood

Site Visit

Once you get in touch with us we will revert at the earliest and provide you with a booking date for conducting a site visit. We will analyse your property and consider your budgetary constraints. Based on that we will present you with a quote for our services.

Free Quote

The quote will include our service charges and the cost of raw material required for the property extension. The quote is free of cost. We will move to the next step if you accept our quote.

Planning Permission

The company will seek planning permission (if required). Most of the property extensions in Northwood do not require permission.

Technical Planning

Technical drawings will be prepared which are important for the execution of the extension. These will be shared with you to give you a picture of what needs to be done.

Project commencement

Technical duties will be assigned to all team members who will now head to your site for carrying out the extension. Plumbers, painters, electricians, contractors, etc make up our team.
Property Extensions Northwood
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